Bowmastery Zombies

Bowmastery Zombies is a cool bow and arrow shooting game that promises to bring you joy and happiness. Why? Because it's like you clean the world by eliminating evil creatures or something like that. So are you interested in this mission? Come to kizi mobile games unblocked and enjoy now. You and enemies standstill. So all you need to do is to raise your bow and aim directly and shoot accurately at your enemies.

Zombies are standing in front of you but they are covered by something that protects them from your attack. Your arrow can’t go through these things but you can use some objects at each level to kill them. For example, you shoot at a block and make them drop into zombies or you shoot at the platform to make the arrow bounce off and kill zombies. Try and adjust the angle of the shots and defeat them.

On, you have 200 levels to enjoy. The next level will more challenging than the previous one. An arrow kills a zombie. Don’t waste your arrow if you want to get 3 stars on each level. Each stage offers a certain number of arrows and it’s better to leave some after you clear your mission. Zombies don’t attack you but it doesn’t mean they are harmless. So no mercy and send them to hell. They deserve that.

With 200 levels, you have long playing time and you are sure to enjoy it when you go deeper into the game. Have a great hunt and don’t leave any of them. Besides, make sure you discover more games on our site such as Galactic Judge and Stupid Zombies

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to aim and left mouse to shoot.