Dr Dice

Our distracted teacher experiences a ton of difficulty with his recipes! This implies his lab is exceptionally tumultuous right now! However, don't overreact: by tossing the dice you can help Dr. 5Dice to clear up this wreck!

Toss the dice and make blends. You can toss the dice multiple times each turn. After the third roll, pick the blend you have made: all potential mixes are featured! The game at Kizi 2 is over when you have checked off every one of the mixes on the graph. Utilize the combos to toss 1 pass on once more, to toss all dice once more, or to give 1 pass on a particular worth! Is there fluid left over in your combo meter toward the finish of the game? Then, at that point, you will get additional focuses. Much fun!

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Instruction to play