Egg Wars

Shooting egg war? Do you love shooter games? Craving an exciting gaming experience? Enjoy the Egg Wars online game to meet new players. Team mode is available for you to choose from. Your mission is to lead the battle, become the best shooter and be the last one to survive. You will enter a very intense battle. Start conquering and attracting more players as you strive to achieve your goal of scoring the highest score.

Enjoy a lot of exciting moments when you have fought tirelessly. You'll start with some top-notch outings! Together we will use guns more professionally. You will move to multi-story buildings. There is a large space here for you to start conquering more easily. Aim and shoot accurately for a more immersive experience.

You are ready to start the online game Egg Wars. You need to improve a lot of those things from your play. You will have more desire to become the best shooter. The game will bring attraction and originality to the players. Many surprises are waiting for you in the next parts. Play with your insights and start with that appeal. Extremely eye-catching graphics, attractive 3d design, and very deep. Players will be guaranteed to have fun when participating in the game. Conquer all the levels and win the first prize in this shooting game.

What are you waiting for? Get started today. Take advantage of all possibilities to be able to win! Play now. Enjoy some more games similar to Stick Duel: The War at

Instruction to play

ASWD - Moves, R - Reload, Left mouse click - Shooting.