Elsa Fracture Surgery

The ice is very slippery. As an ice queen, Elsa still has an accident in her own ice castle. She fell off the balcony. Her leg is broken and it is unable to heal with casting or splinting. According to a doctor, bone fracture repair is the best solution for Elsa right now. And you are responsible for performing bone fracture repair for Elsa in Elsa Fracture Surgery. At Kizi games, you will fix her broken bone by using metal screws, pins and so on.

First of all, you use X-ray to determine the broken position, then use a knife to open it, remove unneeded bones. Then you use metal screws, pins, and plates to secure the bone in its original place. Finally, you close the incision wound with stitches and wraps it in a clean dressing. After 3 months, Elsa’s fracture is healed. She wants to hold a celebration and invited their friends to come and enjoy here.

Your second mission in this game is to help her prepare an awesome party. Decorate the hall with new carpet, wallpapers, some flowers, colorful balloons and prepare some sweet treats that everyone loves. Next, she needs to dress up on kizigames.games. Change her outfit by mixing and matching various fashion items, beautify her more with a new hairstyle and some accessories such as earrings, necklaces and more.

Finally, give her a pair of shoes and a handbag. She feels like she has just been resurrected. Meet Elsa and other Disney characters in other games such as Sofia Care Her Pet Hamster and Princess Ariel Breakfast Cooking 3

Instruction to play

Perform bone fracture repair and prepare a party with your mouse.