EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

Becoming a warrior in the royal family requires very demanding requirements. And that is the principle for you to become a great coach. The royal family trusts you very much and wants your help. Join the Evohero Idle Gladiators online game at game kizi. Ready to become a professional trainer. You will train really good, brave, and powerful warriors. How hard is the training? How does the battle improve competition? How many warriors and ranks are there? All will be present in this fascinating game. Do you not hesitate to be able to step into that game? We will play together and accomplish those goals. Initially, train from simple steps, then when you are strong, unite your army to rush to a more important position.

Invite your friends to join the online game Evohero Idle Gladiators. You will have the opportunity to conquer everything. Enjoy it even more. Join this fun challenge. Manage your gladiators to become the empire with the most powerful army. This army will protect your royal family against all major enemies so we are very cautious when training. Many strong opponents are planning to invade. Show your elite while playing this game. You will have more discoveries. Enjoy lots of good footage of exciting boxer fights. You are completely capable of doing that.

Enjoy a lot of new and more special things. Let's play together and conquer the coach position right away! If you love this game and want to practice more techniques, then enjoy now some other games similar to Paper Flight Game

Instruction to play

Drag the left mouse to move or Merge gladiators and tap dummies to earn coins.