Farmer Challenge Party

Do you want to show your full potential in the online game Farmer Challenge Party. The game is about farm challenges. You will play against other players and test your luck in solving puzzles. Are you ready to step into this game? Experience a lot of interesting things. The Farmer Challenge Party is starting with a two-player Farmer Challenge Party!

This war consists of four challenging chapters chicken picking, planting, harvesting, vegetable growing, and fishing wars. In each of these chapters, you will need to score higher than your opponent. Your mission is clear. To win you need to know the rules of the game. There is a row of boxes in the garden. Your task is to choose the boxes containing the eggs, vegetable seeds... Those will provide seeds for your farm to grow. What are you waiting for?

Start participating in the Farmer Challenge Party online game. Accept the challenges and have lots of fun! The gameplay is very simple. Choose the right seeds and varieties. Don't try to find dynamite boxes. You will blow everything up and it will all be gone. We will have nothing in our hands and play from the beginning. The mission is clear, get the scores with your fellow players. Challenge to see who gets lucky in this game.

Enjoy a lot of fun and novelty. The sound draws you into the farm. You will be the one to build a more lush farm, full of seedlings and animals. If you want to take on more challenges, don't miss the chance to discover some other games similar to Hamster Escape Jailbreak

Instruction to play

Game controls: Use a mouse or touch screen to play.