Find the Way Home Maze Game

Find the Way Home Maze Game is an enjoyable puzzle game for everyone, even kids. It’s simple and easy enough for kids to enjoy and also challenging enough to keep older players hooked. Here at, you will meet an alien who can’t find the way home. And taking that alien home is your mission.

However, it’s not easy to clear that mission because all the ways are blocked by monsters. You will have to find a safe way to avoid monsters and reach the black hole somewhere. You will see 3 stars scattered in the maze. You can collect all 3 stars, just 2 stars, 1 star or even you don’t have to collect any of them. Once you reach the black hole, that level is complete. The challenging level is not the same from level 1 to level 30.

As you level up, you face more enemies and dangers. It’s harder to find a safe way to the black hole, especially, if you don’t know where exactly it is. Just by moving forwards, you can see it. It’s not easy to finish 30 levels in a short time. This Kizi com unblocked game will surprise you with the challenges in the later levels. Don’t worry and don’t rush. Take your time to find a safe way. Time isn’t counted. You can finish each level at your own pace. Whether the alien can be back to its home or not, it's all up to you.

Keep in mind that the alien will die if it crashes into an enemy. That’s why you need to help it avoid enemies at all costs. Enjoy the puzzles and you can find so many fun games on our site. For example: Fantasy Triple Mahjong and Hovercraft Flying 3D

Instruction to play

Arrow key.