Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a fast-paced shark battle royale game that brings you to the ocean. Here, you play as a shark and your ultimate objective is to become the last shark swimming. To get the title of the king of sharks, you have to defeat other sharks controlled by other online players from all over the world. Who will be the last survivor? Is it you or one of your rivals? Here at action games, the helicopter will take you to the ocean. Once you dive into the water, you should find prey which is fish or even humans, and eat them to grow bigger and stronger.

At first, you can only kill sharks that have a smaller size or the same size as you. As you grow up, you can hunt bigger sharks. To kill other sharks, you just need to dash through them. You can dash through multiple sharks and dash toward the surface to jump out. You will get some coins depending on your ranking after the battle ends. With coins, you can buy new sharks in the store. Each shark has a different speed, dash range, and dash speed.

The more expensive the shark, the better it is. In the ocean, when swimming around, you should be careful because the bottom of the ocean is filled with poison. Besides, you can crash into bombs by accident. You won’t die but those things stunt you and your rivals may make use of that chance to attack you. Here is the king of sharks. Enjoy your winning moment and make sure that you discover more kizigames battle royale games. Our site offers tons of options that you definitely find your favorite ones such as Tower Defense Clash and Knock Em All.

Instruction to play

Mouse to move and left-click to dash.