Hungry Shark

The ocean is filled with dangerous creatures such as the Hungry Shark from this new simulation game in Kizi free games. This shark will bring terror to this body of water with its sharp teeth and fast movement. The players will hold control of a white shark, the most powerful and merciless killer in the world. As the species that survived the wilderness and years of evolution, this time, it wants to feed to stop the hunger. Will you help the shark to move around finding humans and tiny little creature?

You will start off from the drop-off position on the crowded beach. Start moving immediately after navigating to find the targets. For each level, there is a specific number of victims that you need to complete every level. For example, in the first round, crash 3 people and 2 boats to pass. Freely roaming around and attack swimming people, people on the shore and boats! There is an energy bar shown at the bottom of the screen that shows the blood that your great white shark has left. When the bar runs out, the shark will die and the game is over.

We believe that you, as a skillful player, will bring down all the targets and conquer the game! Keep exploring more simulator games with other fun themes like Fireboy And Watergirl 2 Light Temple. and Kingdom Tower Defense on our website without a single dollar! 

Instruction to play

Move with the arrow keys, Use W key to speed up.