Merge Ships

Welcome to the online game Merge Ships now kizi cool fun games to be involved in a battle to build a powerful fleet for you. You will have a lot of choices to buy modern warships. Do you want to be a tycoon in the world of sailing? You also find it very interesting to see your product built up with great results. Ready to enter the war of the rich. Hunt modern boats for sale to others in many cities. You will become very rich.

First, you unlock each boat, how to unlock it? You will choose the first simple boat to unlock. After running the test and collecting a certain amount of gold. Open the next ones. Run the test and sell it outside to make it profitable for you. Each test runs you will have a certain amount of money. They will run very fast to check safety. You will unlock more modern boats. You need a lot of gold coins. If you want to get rich, you need to go from a small stage first. You will do well if you accumulate.

Join hands to start a rich business. Join the game and start researching how to get rich. We will have the opportunity to learn from the shipping business. Diversified designs with lots of ship models, you will love this game very much. You will feel like you are playing a rich boss. You will build a strategy for yourself to ship your business to many cities. You will do a good job.

Enjoy the game now! Start participating in the online game Merge Ships. The opportunity for you to start exploring some other similar games Super Blocky Race and Drift Racing.

How to play:

Use mouse to play.

Instruction to play