Nerf Epic Pranks

Who among the players joining this Kizi shooting game will be able to claim the title of Joker king? The only way to do so is not only to collect weapons, specifically different NERF guns but to also shoot down any lingering enemies in Nerf Epic Pranks. If you love playing the role of a prankster, this game shall be the best option for your hilarious playtime! The goal is to take down your enemies the moment they turn their backs on you.

The shooting features in this game are auto-aim, therefore, the only thing that you need to do is to make sure that your character is totally safe from the hidden bullets and take a good hiding spot. The more targets you hit, the more coins you can use to go to our store and unlock various skins. Slowly climb up the ladder of high ranks and finally reach the goal of becoming the Joker King to win this game! The highlight of this first-player shooting game is the exciting change of rooms and situations depending on the level of difficulty.

Don't expect to stay in the same space for battle a second time. If you are intending to join the game with your friends, you can pick the same room as them thanks to the option that allows the players to make their pick. A tip for the new-comers is that the game is built based on the concept of agility and the update of weapons, so keep your focus on those two elements only.

There is no trick that can help your win this game other than fighting fearlessly and shooting constantly, steadily. Share your Nerf blaster techniques with your friends and win other games like Frontline Commando Survival and Prison Escape Plan

Instruction to play

Shoot by clicking the left mouse button, release it to hide in the chosen hiding spot.