Portal of DOOM: Undead Rising

Portal of Doom: Undead Rising is an awesome and intense sci-fi horror game that you can play here on kizi action games. You have received a distress call on the space station – this is a place where experiments are undertaken. Your job is to kill the attackers and find survivors on the labyrinth like installments of this huge station. Find keys to open locked doors, discover what happened to the space station and try to get out of this hell alive. 

You do not know what has happened – maybe the experiments have gone wrong! You must confront your fears and explore the space station to find out what has happened. You are equipped with a myriad of high-tech weapons that you can use to destroy any threat you find. Look for clues, remain vigilant, and see if you can uncover the mystery of the Portal of Doom!

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Instruction to play

Use the Arrows or WASD to move

Mouse to aim / shoot

Space to jump

Shift to sprint

F to interact with objects