Push My Chair

IO game collection just welcomes a new option called Push My Chair. This is a fun multiplayer IO game where you can play alone or with your friend on the same computer. Your main objective here is to eliminate every single opponent to become the winner. First of all, name yourself, then choose Single Player mode or 2-player mode. After that, you will appear in an office where other online players are ready to fight.

Each player sits on an office chair. You move the chair and use a fire extinguisher to push other players off the office. There are 7 players in a match and this chair-pushing battle just ends only when 6 players are eliminated and 1 player survives. To increase your chance of survival, you shouldn’t move close to the glass walls because you will be pushed. Unlike other IO games that you can find at kizigames.games/io in which you will get bigger or stronger each time you kill someone, nothing happens after you eliminate anyone here. In this game, surviving is more important than defeating other players.

So, you should keep yourself safe first. Don’t be too eager to fight. You can stay still somewhere that your opponents don’t notice and wait for the right moment. You may win even if you don’t kill anyone. If you choose to play with your friend, both of you join the same match and compete against other players. However, you guys aren’t teammates. You guys are enemies. This game is kinda simple but it’s sure to keep you hooked. Enjoy it and check out other cool games such as Drift City.io and Army Machine Transporter Truck.

Instruction to play

Player 1 uses WASD and player 2 uses arrow keys.