Real Cargo Truck Simulator

Real Cargo Truck Simulator is one of the best cargo truck driving games that you can play for free anytime at adventure games. Are you expecting something realistic, addicting, and challenging? Then, don’t miss this one. It brings you most of the things that you are looking for. It features 10 levels and each level requires you to get the cargo and deliver them to the destination. Interestingly, you don’t have to clear those missions within a given time. So, take your time to reach your goal safely. Drive along the tricky roads in the mountainous area.

Do not drive too fast, even though driving at high speed brings you a satisfying feeling. However, on the bumpy road, your heavy cargo truck is easily flipped over. To reach the destination, you have to go through a lot of tight turns, narrow roads, and bridges. If you aren’t skillful enough, you can’t handle those obstacles. With each successful mission, you will get money and you can use the money to buy new cargo trucks in the store. The more expensive the truck, the better it is. Sometimes, you can get lost because it’s not easy to find the right route to get where you need to get.

That’s why you should use the map on the left side of the screen. It will lead you where you need to go. Try your best to avoid crashing, although it’s ok if you hit any objects or obstacles out there. However, those challenges will turn you into a master cargo truck driver. Enjoy your time here and besides this kizigames driving game, you should give the following options a try as well The Smurfs Skate Rush and Nubik vs Herobrin's Army.

Instruction to play

Arrow keys to move and T to get the cargo.