Space Shooter

One day, when you wake up and receive information about a large number of alien spaceships approaching the earth, what will you do? Will you accept death or stand up to protect our earth. Do not hesitate anything? Let's explore Space Shooter at hot games and invite more teammates to protect our planet together. Alien spaceships will attack the earth in an extremely large number. They are rushing towards the earth at an incredibly fast speed. If we don't act now, we will lose our planet forever. Get on board the human spaceship and destroy the alien spaceships.

Use the most modern guns to attack the aliens. Your mission is to shoot accurately at the spaceships. They will also continuously shoot bullets at our spaceship, you need to avoid those bullets because our spaceship will also be completely destroyed. In the battle of Space Shooter, you will have to fight alone with a large number of alien spaceships. They will appear continuously and do not decrease in number, instead they will continuously increase the number of spaceships to destroy you.

This is a difficult and dangerous battle, so you need to focus on observing and defeating every opponent. Don't forget that the rain of bullets will appear everywhere. You should avoid them or hide when there are too many bullets coming towards you. It's time to show off your shooting skills and talents in Space Shooter and some other exciting games like Minicraft, Sky Rolling Balls. Are you ready to write your name on the leaderboard? Good luck! How to play:

Instruction to play

Use mouse to shoot enemies.

Mobile control: Touch directly on the screen to shoot and move when avoiding bullets.