Tallman Dunk Rush

In Tallman Dunk Rush, you can find the gameplay of a basketball game and a running game that is straightforward and compelling. You are sure to have hours of joy here. Not only the gameplay but also the control mechanics are also simple and easy to master. Your main objective is to reach the highest hoop at the end of the runway. To reach that goal, you have to go through a series of obstacles and the Taller gates. The Taller gates are the green gates that after you go through, you will get taller. If you enter the Shorter gates, you will become shorter and as a result, you are not tall enough to throw the ball at the hoop. The hoops are different in height. You have to be as tall as the upcoming hoop or taller than that hoop to throw the ball. If you get a score, you will become taller.

Otherwise, you will bump into the hoop and the game ends. If you are lucky enough, you can keep running if you crash into the hoop. However, if you bump into an obstacle, the game ends and you have to restart the game. Try your best to go through all the green gates because remember that your ultimate goal is to reach the highest hoop at the end. The higher the hoop, the more money you get. Like other level-based games at kizigames.games, the challenge level in this game also increases through each level. Always get ready to face the next challenges. Enjoy your gaming time here and new additions are on their way. While waiting for them, you can check out other Kizigames action games such as Panda Legend and Wild West Freecell.

Instruction to play