Tangram Grid

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What will you do to experience all the new and exciting things? The rule in this game is to match the given blocks so that they fit the shape. You won't leave the shapes redundant or missing when you stack the shapes. Discover now the Tangram Grid online game. Accept all challenges for the best results. How will you start? How long will you play and how many levels will you complete?

It all depends on your ingenuity. You will do well for that. Let's start with new and excellent experiences. Would you like to get started right away? New things are waiting for you. Mind games always attract you and surprise you. You will need to test your brain for logic, agility, and reflexes. There is only one arrangement and it will make the perfect picture. Will you complete many levels in this game? Are you doing well?

We will play together and explore those things. You will probably find some other games with your friends that are similar to Urban Stack. You will become the best jigsaw puzzle in this game. Do you want to know the results now? Play your best! 

Instruction to play

Left mouse button to drag and drop the pieces and click the pieces to rotate.