Nubic Boom Crusher

In the handmade pixel world, thousands of cubes are waiting for you. Make all those cubes explode and disappear playing Nubic Boom Crusher online game at....Ready to play now. You will have more new experiences. You will get really happy feelings. Blast different building blocks including familiar cubes and game characters with your weapon. Buy weapons with different characteristics. With powerful weapons, you can explode a large number of cubes at once. Enjoy Nubic Boom Crusher online game at action games.

Many pixel building blocks, buy weapons, 39 different styles will attract a lot of players. You will move at a very large map. Each topic will be a very different location. You will be free to explore that space. We need to challenge ourselves more with more difficult levels. Move everywhere and look for cube boxes and explode. You need to focus and see quickly where they are in order to manipulate them accurately. You need to experience those fun things and start now. Game with professional 3d design, everything will attract players.

We'll take advantage of more challenges. Feel the uniqueness and surprise while playing this game. Relax with your friends and tell them how to play to help you win. You will be able to experience more than just moving in a secret place. With very simple gameplay, you will improve a lot of moving skills and performing ways to break boxes. Relax and have more fun while playing. You won't be too stressed to experience a lot of those attractions. We will be in this game and be the winner! Secret Base has unique gameplay. Test your skills further by playing some other games similar to Deads On The Road and Hover Skirt.

Instruction to play

Move using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot please left click.