Biker street

Biker Street is a crazy motorbike game that you can play here on kizi best game online. The aim is simple – to progress along the track as far as possible without crashing. Collect coins and choose a balanced set of upgrades from them menu. Improve what you can afford and head back to the track to try again. Keep your balance and make sure your bike doesn't tip over. If you crash, your invention will explode!

This might sound easy but you have to get past a heap of different obstacles. The bike isn't finished yet, so try to collect enough coins to buy better engines, wheels, more fuel capacity, and develop a better system of balance. If you overinvest in one item but neglect another, your biker will really struggle. For example, if you equip your bike with a very powerful engine but have rotten wheels and poor balance, your bike will buckle under the disparity and your biker will crash. Can you upgrade all the elements evenly and surmount every obstacle?

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Instruction to play

Use Up arrow to accelerate

Use Down arrow to move backward

Use Left or right arrow to tilt