Drive Dead 3D

Have you seen the crazy car crash challenge? Get in the driver's seat and enjoy the fun. All that fun will be available in the online game Drive Dead 3D at kizi.You will love it the first time you play it. Limited edition racing will attract players right now. You will challenge to become a very good racer. Everything has surprises and attractions. Feel a lot of those fascinating things. Do you want to be started with friends? Invite them to join and share in the fun. Compete with your opponents on dangerous platforms. What you have to do is drive the car over the opponent and destroy him. Things to watch out for on dangerous platforms are spinning sharp wheels, moving floors, cliffs, explosives, and more. Come on, choose your car, and start fighting! Have fun playing the online game Drive Dead 3D.

Feel a lot of new driving techniques while playing. You will gradually overcome difficulties and make a great name. You will enter the list of really good racers. Racing combined with fighting with opponents on a challenging track. You will use the car as a combat weapon. You also have additional weapons and some applications to attack such as explosives. Take advantage of them at the right time to achieve high results. You will practice now and don't forget those fun gameplay. Extremely eye-catching graphics, how will you improve your driving skills? Everything is ready! You choose to start and join the game as a challenge. Enjoy a lot of exciting things while playing. You will conquer the fun, dangerous levels. Test your driving skills by playing some other games similar to Super Car Extreme Car Driving and Traffic Jam 3D.

Instruction to play

Players use arrow keys and AD keys to play.