Why don't you challenge yourself to math games to help your best friend become smarter? The game Number! will bring you many things that make you happy. You can play this game for free in your browsers. At the beginning of the game, you will appear with a lot of different numbers and the numbers are arranged in a messy order from baby to big. So your task in this game is to connect numbers from small to large.

Sounds very simple, right? But to be able to connect them is extremely difficult because the big and small numbers are interlaced. If you link them, you will come across links from other numbers. So for you to win in this game you need to equip yourself with the skills that are the observation and use your intelligence in linking the numbers together. Think and be careful in linking the numbers.

Because if you associate them with other numbers then you will not be able to win in this game the game also requires time so you need to react quickly to use them all the wise put his game. As the levels progress, it becomes harder and harder and requires a truly intelligent person to overcome it.

All of that is only in the game Number! Introduce this game to your friends and invite them to join the game to challenge your brain. If you like this game genre you can join some other games such as Connect Merge and Puzzle Fuzzle

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to win the game.