Car Eats Car 2

Cannibal cars can make you feel scared. Do not worry, you can completely overcome them as if starting right now into the game Car Eats Car 2. You can experience the game is free online in your browser. Your task in this game is to control the red car on a road to reach the finish line. But on the road that you move, there are countless obstacles.

They are continuous windmills and roadblocks to make your path unsafe. Observe and use all your driving skills in the game to be able to evade these deadly traps and avoid cannibal hunters. The goal is for you to reach a safe path and collect red diamonds.

The more you collect, the more you will benefit and use the diamonds to be able to upgrade new and better cars to be able to fight better. How much longer can you live? It all depends on your wisdom. Relax and drive real speed and break the great things the game has to offer. Is it lucky to come to you?

Have more fun with the game Car Eats Car 2. It's great if you share the game now with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to challenge challenges in a car race and avoid the bad guys. Do not miss the opportunity to discover some other interesting game genres like Traffic Go and Usa Boating Game Jet Ski Water Boat Racing 

Instruction to play

Use the WASD keys, the arrow keys to be able to control the vehicle.