Agario is a fun addicting io game that you can play here on kizi for free. In the game, the player controls a cell on the map. The goal is to gain as much mass as possible by swallowing smaller cells without being swallowed by larger cells. The player's cells may have many colors. There is no final destination; The player must start again when all his cells are swallowed.

Start moving through the grid and try to catch all the tiny blurs of color. Eat and grow, split and multiply and rule the world. It is possible to separate cells whose cells are separated by the mouse pointer. Use this way as a remote attack to swallow other cells, or to escape from a dangerous situation, or to move faster on a map. The separation of cells gradually merges into one. The player can release a small portion of his or her mass to develop another cell or raise the virus, and the cup can be done several times. The minimum mass to be able to perform the double cell separation is 36.

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Instruction to play

Use your mouse to play.

Use W to eject mass

Use spacebar to split yourself.