Funny Rescue Carpenter

When you have an accident, you will call for help. We are professional rescue workers. Join the online game Funny Rescue Carpenter at kizi for school to experience a lot of great things in helping people. The game is very interesting, you will love it the first time you play it. We will step into the game together and look for new things in this game. Get started and enjoy it! Leia is a great carpenter, but even the best will have an accident.

Play and rescue Leia from the terrible accident! Help her recover from the injury and have fun! Being a good carpenter girl, but being a girl when she gets hurt will be painful. Please help her out of the objects are pressed on people such as wooden sticks, ladders, buckets full of paint ... She fell very painful, the possibility of a broken arm, press the button to call 911 Let an ambulance take her to the hospital.

When you go into the hospital, help her to change into a clean outfit so the doctor will perform an x-ray to check if the injury has affected the bone? She was severely injured, her joints were broken, helping her bandage and the splint fixed so that the wound would heal quickly. She will be very painful because of the swollen head wounds. Relieves painful wounds on her head and thumb. Help her clean the wounds on her face and it's fun to decorate cute axes and drills, tools to help her work. She felt very happy when she received help.

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Instruction to play

Use mouse to play.