Wok Planet

Our guy Wok is one of the survivors in this place. Their territory has been taken over by aliens. Join now the online game Wok Planet to fortify, build your army and turn these places into alien burial places. They arrested people in the territory who went to do experiments. And the Wok guy with some of the others was hiding in the rocks. They will live resiliently and will not be detained. Together they invent machines powerful enough to destroy aliens.

This will be a very difficult task but we need to focus to do it. Do you want everything to turn out great? Be careful with your decisions. We will succeed! Join your friends to enjoy the fun of playing the Wok Planet online game at kizi puzzle games. You will find a lot of people love that game. Together we will use all the skills to enter this game effectively. The machine we built will need 2 people to sacrifice to make wheels, and two people on top to fight.

You will focus on choosing very brave and brave people to be able to put into this machine. Are we ready to start this exciting game? Let's conquer many attractive things today! We will have fun playing! Those machines moved and crashed in the direction of the aliens and they paid the price for it! If you love creating games, don't miss the chance to join this game. It's so much fun, you'll love it for sure. You won't be able to wait any longer, join your friends in some other games similar to Merge Items and Animals Memory Match.

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys and mouse to play.