Super Count Masters

Super Count Masters online game one of the most exciting clash games of all time. You start the battle alone but trust us. There is no chance for you to feel alone. Choose the best portal, go through it and gather stickman warriors to clash with opposing mobs. Become the master of the crowd and lead your people to victory. Collect coins to upgrade your mob and defeat all enemies and bosses. You will control the blue army to confront the red enemy. You will be ready to enter a very tense but exciting battle. You will play and get a lot of new feelings.

Together we will discover a lot of interesting things when participating in the online game Super Count Masters. Challenge a lot with increasingly difficult levels. You will take on the role of a captain controlling your army. Choose the doors that are most beneficial to your army such as adding more people, or multiplying more.... And stay away from all the deadly obstacles that will reduce your army.

The final confrontation with the red piece will give you the answer, do you win or not? If your army is more than you will win quickly. We will practice it perfectly. Super realistic 3D design game. Cute graphics. You will have 20 levels too. Exciting physics platform game.

The adventure of fighting with teammates is very uplifting. Controlling many people to race and fight will be very interesting. Take advantage of the opportunity to overwhelm your opponent. Immediately join some other games similar to Tanks 2D: Tank Wars to practice those professional fighting skills.

Instruction to play

Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.