Baking Apple Cake

Baking requires a lot of skills, explore yourself and this game Baking Apple Cake at kizi 4 top has been able to learn more about baking recipes. This is a free online game you can fully participate in your computer and mobile phone. First, you create a dough. You put all the ingredients that the game has put into a bowl and then mix well. Do not miss any ingredients because when you missed your cake was not the deliciousness required by the game. Then knead and dive to form the cakes. Put it in the microwave to help make it more mature and fragrant

After that, we will go to the decoration section, which one do you like? Make all this cake become extravagant and delicious. For people who feel comfortable seeing this cake. After that, enjoy the wonderful moments in the most delicious green apple pie ever. How many missions can the game complete? Let's complete this mission in a short time to be able to bring you the highest score. Make lots of delicious cakes to conquer challenges from the game.

Enjoy the delightful feeling of having finished the cake right now in the game Baking Apple Cake. Share this game with your friends. Invite your friends to challenge yourself into one of the most exciting pastry making games ever. If you are passionate about this genre, start with a few other similar games like Pixie Accident ER and Little Princess Fashion Shoes Design 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to make an apple pie.