ET Game

ET Game is built with interesting content as players explore new paths and collect all the rewards. Enemies constantly appear on the road and you must use your shooting ability to destroy them. With a special website called, we lead players to a new world and you overcome countless challenges without being bothered by any factor.

Each player has 3 lives and you need to use them in the best way to join this game. If you are attacked and destroyed by an enemy, you will lose a life. Therefore, be careful in your movement and win each level as you collect 3 stars in each turn. Wooden crates appear on the road and you can destroy them to make money. We suggest this game for players to move and overcome different challenges. Share with your friends if you find interesting points of this game.

Take advantage of movement skills while destroying enemies to collect your rewards in this updated game at Kizi Games For Free. We help players open up new worlds and complete all challenges without spending much time searching. Gaming space will help you relax and show your fighting skills. For each game, players should use different game tips to achieve the end result with the highest score and reward.

What are you waiting for without expanding your game world with new games similar to this game such as Bomb'Em and Two Ways - A Minecraft Quest. Fight and explore new lands with your hero. 

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to move or jump over obstacles.

Shoot by pressing the X button