Tower Defense Clash

How long have you waited for a Kizigames tower defense game? You don’t have to wait anymore because the latest addition called Tower Defense Clash is here. Monsters from the dark forest are flooding into your territory aiming to occupy your castle. Send out the strongest towers to defeat them before they break the gate and enter the castle. You will have to go through 35 battles. In each battle, you have to defeat a certain number of waves of monsters with 4 different towers including Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower, Lightning Tower, and Ice Tower. Arrow Tower is a single target fast shooting tower. Cannon Tower is a mighty tower with an area of effect damage. The Lightning Tower is a very fast attacking tower with a chance to stunt the target. Ice Tower is a chilling tower with a chance to slow multiple targets at once. You have to spend a certain amount of money to build these towers and you earn money from killing monsters. Besides those towers, you also have 2 spells to use during the battle which are Ice Field is a magic spell with low damage but a strong slowing effect in an area and Fire Blast is a strong magic spell that burns enemies in a small area. In addition to building towers, you also can upgrade the existing ones with money or sell them. Remember that you have only 50 health points. When monsters approach the gate of the castle, they will try to destroy it. If you run out of HP, you lose and as a result, you have to restart the game. Have fun and enjoy more enjoyable games at action games such as Knock Em All and Find Alien 3D.

Instruction to play