Square Jet

Something interesting and enjoyable is waiting for you in a cool 2D platform-based game called Square Jet. Yes, a new adventure is about to start. A cube-formed jet needs your help to go through a series of obstacles and reach the portal in each stage. At , Kizi online gamesn this special game, the job that has to be done is to lead the cute jet safely to reach the portal to move to the next stage.

Make use of his jetpack to fly up and pass the big gaps and reach the high platform to get what you need to get. You will see 3 yellow dots scattered around the map. You should pick up these dots at least one. If you reach the portal without any dots, your mission still fails. Then, make sure to bring a least one dot when you go through the portal at each level. The game doesn’t require you to get all 3 dots.

On https://kizigames.games/, you have only one life at each level. Once you die, you have to start once again. That’s what you have to do when your mission fails in every game, right? Besides, as you level up, you deal with more challenging obstacles. You need to use your problem-solving skills to handle those challenges.

This is a minimalist platformer game with a simple concept and easy control mechanism, but it’s not easy to master. This makes it become a better game to play. So what more are you looking for? Don’t hesitate anymore. Take a deep breath and start to fly your way to the final goal.

Instruction to play

Use left/right arrow to move, press up arrow to jump and press again and hold to fly.