Beach Crazy

What would it be like to race on a beach? Very interesting, isn't it? You will completely overcome many difficult levels when participating in the online game Beach Crazy. Conquer all the puzzles and challenges. What's better than racing on the beach? Try to run the full route and check if anything is wrong. Drive racing cars and boats on the beach and perform crazy stunts in this new summer-themed version.

Use your stunt rockets and collision bombs to good effect to get around even if you lose your wheel or you are in a boat out of water. Collect all the stunt reels and smash as many as you can to get to the next level. Earn enough cash and you can buy yourself a new car! You will have a lot of obstacles when participating in this game. Drive and be brave when there are many deadly obstacles around. Let's explore many of them together.

We are fully capable of winning. Packs of dynamite will not hinder us and do not frighten us. Let's start conquering in the online game Beach Crazy. You will be very quickly in an exciting adventure online game. Drive a racing car and cruise across the coast with a road full of challenges.

We can completely develop a lot of fighting or defense skills. The ice cream and cakes will captivate you along the way. Do you absolutely want to fight? All will be present in this exciting game. Don't forget to play some similar games such as Real Car Pro Racing.

Instruction to play

Drive your car/boat with arrow keys and use Z, X, and C for boosters, rockets, and bombs to collide. Collect all stunt reels on each level to progress.