Toy Defense

Welcome to an incredibly exciting shooting game with new genres that have just been released Toy Defense. This is an online game that you can play for free in your browsers. When starting the game you will appear with countless levels. You will start with level 1 and this is also the easiest level. Then you will be in a national country and your mission in this game is to protect your city.

Imagine that the bad guys are planning to kill everyone in your country. So use a gun to defend and defend the tower. Your enemies appear infinitely many and they appear extremely unexpected so you can put the guns in the proper positions so that whenever the enemy passes through, they can destroy them. Shoot as many and fast and kill them all. Lucky not smiling at you? Don't worry about being friends of skills. I am sure that you will overcome all the challenges that the game offers. If you let your opponent cross the path and enter the city, your game will fail. Let's enjoy yourself and experience the many more levels waiting for you to unlock.

Destroy many opponents and become super heroes in this country bring yourself the highest score from so far. All these interesting things are only in the game. Don't keep it to yourself but share this game with your friends and your partner today to get a chance to explore a beautiful land. Besides, you can join some other similarly interesting game genres such as Royal Squad and Draw and Save Stickman

Instruction to play

 use the mouse to win.