Welcome to this simple and magnificent world of Conquer, where you will have to chase after the other players on the map in pursuit of their tails! How fun does that sound? The game has a cool idea of letting the players control a character of their own. Any path that you have traveled will become your territory, therefore, do your best to cover as much space as possible.

In order to achieve the ultimate mission of expanding the territory infinitely, you will need to do more than just moving around. Eliminating your opponents to get more space will be a good option. They will not let you go easily, so you should chase them, follow up with their tails and touch them.

By doing so, the enemy will disappear and there shall be more lands for you to cover. However, the hard part is that the enemy's attack will be in the same way, therefore, we need you to stay focus and move smartly. The longer you stay alive, the more scores you can get.

Not only will you need to consume the other players but you also have to avoid sharp places and dangerous objects. Which one among the players will be the new Lord of the world? The game is incredibly fun and suitable for players of all ages, so dive right in! Tons of good games like Leader War and will expand your exploring experience! 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse on the PC and tap on the mobile screen to play.