Bomber 3D

Bomber 3D is a classic game which is revamped with new gameplay and graphics. You are allowed to start a 2 player game on one PC, so invite your friend to come and join with you. You are bomber man exploring the 3D worlds in which you can bomb your opponent and different 3D items such as grass, crates or trees that stand in your way to win the level. The opponent always tries to place the bomb in the position you stand, so please pay attention and go out of danger zone before the bomb explodes.

When a bomb destroys a block may leave a useful object, then you should collect it to upgrade your bombs (maybe increase the number of bombs or extend bombs' range) to eliminate your opponent easier. There are 4 different maps and each map will come in 4 sizes that you can choose. One of the maps is going to be filled with grasses and trees, one of them is going to be built from brick walls, another one will be made from hay, and another one is going to be a winter environment filled with snow.

The 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X Large represent that you have more room where you can hide from your opponents, and even more places to place secret bombs that can destroy your opponents. And depending on the map size, match time will be set. If neither of the players could win when time is up, the result of the game will be decided as a "DRAW".

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the gameplay by choosing the easy mode, then once you are already skilled in it, you can choose the more difficult mode with a map in a larger size. Hope you have wonderful relaxing moments! You can play similar games like Bullet Party and Pubg Infinity Battlefield Ops. Check out at our site to discover more fun games.

Instruction to play

Player 1: WASD keys and Space

Player 2: Arrow keys and Enter.