Novice Fisherman

Experience a lot of fun and surprises when participating in the Novice Fisherman online game. Accept all the challenges of this fascinating game. You will conquer a lot of things. You will play the exciting new version of the fishing game. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Get started now and you will have more fishing experience on a boat. Fishing season has opened and sea fish abound.

The fisherman was a novice and his boat was also moving slowly. Do you want to help him? Move the boat with the right and left arrow keys. Throw the fishing rod into the sea with the down arrow key. When you see sharks, drop bombs on them. Use good time and complete the levels. Invite your friends to enjoy the Novice Fisherman online game at will have a lot of new things to discover.

The fishing techniques seem simple but very complicated. You will finish all of that when you pass the rules of each level. You will have to catch enough points to be able to play to another level. In the first levels, you will only catch small fish. When you have enough points to buy more modern fishing gear, you can catch big fish. Continue like this until the end of this game. You will have very new feelings!

Let's start exploring this fascinating game. You will play together and catch a lot of fish. Fascinating a lot! You will practice even better! If you love this game, be ready to conquer some other games similar to Brick Breaker Retro to practice fishing techniques. 

Instruction to play

Play with the arrow keys and space.