Clash Of Hive

Clash Of Hive is an animated occupation game, choose the right time to fight with the right opponent and win after capturing all the hive. You will have to use your skills to control your army to conquer all the remaining beehives. You will show the level of a very talented leader when directing the bees to obey orders. To capture all the nests, you need to multiply the number of bees many times.

Because when your army increases, you can destroy your opponent and capture that territory. On the contrary, if you have less army, you will face destruction. If possible, be careful with your decisions. Play together and have a lot of fun starting the Clash Of Hive online game at kizigames hot games. More fun! You will become the leader in every decision. All very attractive and you can do it. Be persistent and start with high patience. When you capture the territory you will feel very satisfied. Let's show off our team's ability when playing this game.

You need to demonstrate your team-gathering skills, you will demonstrate your leadership by mobilizing your army and doing it all according to your needs. Please operate subtly to show your ability. Do you find them all very attractive? You will find it unique and you will practice more teamwork. Running an army is not easy, you will do very well in that task. Start with some other games such as Woodturning Simulato and Coffee Master Idle.

Controls: Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.