Idle Desert Life

If building a city is your dream, we invite you to join the online game Idle Desert Life. Accept all those exciting challenges. We will play together and share a lot of fun with your friends. You will love this game. Play together and teach how to become the master of the city. Imagine, on the wasteland you need to exploit and build up facilities for people to live in. What do you need to do to do that? A lot of tasks and tasks need you to solve. You should exploit the materials to do those jobs.

When you have enough materials, you will buy more modern machines and robots to help you perform. Together we will join the online game Idle Desert Life at hot games. Start with rudimentary work, crafting materials with a manual machine. That makes work very slow. You won't be able to do much in bulk. Save money and buy modern machines, hire more workers to support you. The dream of city hegemony is gradually being realized. You need to work hard to achieve that ambition. Let's conquer the builder's work together. You will love this game very much.

What more do you need? Come play and learn many times. You will feel more fun when playing this game. Play and don't mind the difficulty. Very few people can pass this game. Experience a lot of those interesting things. Share joy, novelty, originality, and surprise together. You will become the big boss in the city with a lot of tasks. Share the fun with your friends and invite them to enjoy some other games similar to Pac Xon and Butcher Warehouse.

How to play: Tap the screen to play.

Instruction to play