Daddy Rabbit

Once upon a time, in a forest, a father rabbit and his cubs were walking around the forest looking for fruit and food. Suddenly, a whirlwind came and swept all the bunnies into a mysterious world of Daddy Rabbit. The father rabbit was determined to find the baby rabbits and he came to this strange kingdom.

The task of the father rabbit is to overcome all challenges and find the baby rabbits that are being captured in different locations in this mysterious forest. Baby bunnies can be hidden underground or in dense bushes. Father rabbit must try his best to eat as many carrots as he can to have enough strength and overcome all obstacles.

A special point of Daddy Rabbit at is that the adventures in the underground are very dangerous because you will get lost in a maze with many ways to move, but there is only one way out. Don't forget to collect more stars and score to get power-ups and move as fast as you can. This game will ask you to choose your country and confirm your age to start playing. It requires age 5 and up to start this exciting adventure.

In Daddy Rabbit, you will have specific requirements, and the number of carrots you need to collect is based on the quantity bar on the screen. Will the father rabbit be able to rescue all the baby bunnies? Join us in this game right away. Or do you want to play some other games of the same kind such as Paper Us Online

Instruction to play

You can use arrows or WASD to move on the screen, click to control, space button to shoot carrots, and the B button to put the baby rabbit to sleep.