Merge Items

Build your city and you made that dream come true. We will play together and share a lot of fun playing the online game Merge Items. Start with the really fun games. You have a desire to become the head of the city and create some authority here. Facilities are your first concern so you will build tall buildings first. You will create a very specific strategy. You won't be able to easily tear down old things and build new ones. Together we do a lot of those exciting things. Invite your friends to join the online game Merge Items at puzzle games so they have a chance to enjoy those fascinating city-building techniques.

Have you ever dreamed of building your metropolis? Start! Merge different materials to create new objects necessary for successful construction. Grow and upgrade your city to make it as prosperous as possible! You will build magnificent houses. You will improve the wreckage so that you can start your city excursions. Merge ingredients to become rich and exchange them for gold coins.

Perform construction jobs to earn more money to buy materials. Together we will experience the strategy of building the city of our dreams. You need to do a lot of those exciting things and share all the fun. You accepted those fun challenges and don't hesitate to share a lot of the fun with your friends. You will become a strategic visionary in this game. We will join together and enjoy a lot of unique things. Enjoy it now! Test your construction skills by playing some other games similar to Take Apart and Brain IQ test Minecraft Quiz.

Instruction to play

Tap the screen or use the mouse to play.