Hand Or Money

If you want to test your agility, you can play Hand Or Money online. Would you like to start now? Together we enjoy a lot of fun and innovation in this game. Discover all of that today. Do a lot of those fun techniques together. Breakthrough and experience the unexpected. You will surely succeed. All together made a lot of fun, do you want to start? You will play more and discover that fun. Get ready for those novelties.

Try to build trust. Are you ready to enjoy yourself together today? Hand Or Money at puzzle games is a very interesting money game. Do you want to become a millionaire? Just put your hand between the sharp blades, quickly take the money and withdraw your hand before the blades fall, or you will lose both hands. Be quick, seize the moment, face your fears, and wish you a millionaire soon! Invite your friends to join you. You will train your hands to be agile, when you are more agile, you will be strong enough to explore those things!

Show your money-picking technique correctly. The gameplay is simple, watch the speed of the blades to be able to pull out and put in the right rhythm. You will make all the players feel very happy and excited. The game has a constant pace that will make you need to quickly catch up to be able to pass the levels. We need to show a lot of skills, observation skills that show each level. Quickly withdraw all the money in each level to become rich. If you want to become a billionaire then don't forget to join this game. We will be successful. Let's attract and share a lot of exciting games! Start right now! You will feel very passionate! Test your agility while playing some other games such as Super Hexbee Merger and Merge Items.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse or touch the screen to play.