Find Alien 3D

Who is alien and who is human? You can't tell with the naked eye. In Find Alien 3D, aliens have come to the Earth and they are hiding among us. They look like humans. They appear in supermarkets, parks, offices, restaurants, and everywhere. It is not clear what their intentions are. It could be something bad; therefore, it is best to find them and eliminate them before they can make any plans. To find out aliens among humans, you need to use a special tool.

This tool can scan and tell you who is alien and who is human. After that, you can shoot down aliens with your gun. When you find out about the alien, make sure you aim and shoot at that target accurately. If you shoot at humans, you have to restart that level. You can guess who is alien and who is human but to avoid making any mistakes, you should always use the scanning tool. Don’t ever shoot at someone you think is an alien without using a scanner because your odds of winning are 50:50. And if you don’t want to fail, use the scanner all the time to locate exactly who is an alien, then don’t hesitate to shoot it until it explodes into firecrackers.

Like other level-based games out there, the mission becomes a little bit harder as you advance. You will find it hard to find out aliens among us. However, the game doesn’t require you to clear the mission within a given time; therefore, take your time to investigate and eliminate aliens. Do your best and check out other kizi online games such as Real Football and Nubic Boom Crusher.

Instruction to play