Color Gravity

Enjoy a lot of fun as you enter the colorful world that will be available in the online game Color Gravity at . Ready to conquer all those fascinating challenges. You will do very well in those tasks. Do you want to start now? We will enjoy a lot of surprises together. Everything will be attractive right from the first play. Your goal is to navigate in a colorful, ever-changing world by clicking to shift gravity and collect your own color while avoiding different colored obstacles. You have to use fast reflexes and precise timing to succeed in this challenging game. As you pass the levels, the obstacles will become more difficult and the environment will change. Are you ready to take up the challenge and master the art of gravity shifting? Invite your friends to join the online game Color Gravity at kids games to enjoy high jumps and long jumps to overcome obstacles. You will practice those skills amazingly! We will complete many assigned tasks. The circular ball will run really fast on the path he moves. But he will have to overcome many obstacles on the way. We will be fully capable of feeling those breakouts. You will not hesitate to be able to feel more. Play together and share great things with your friends. We will find very attractive, you will also feel more difficult levels of this game. A long way to focus to be able to overcome many challenges. Follow the ball through the dangerous stages and help it go even further. You will become the hero. Discover some skills playing in some other games similar to Reckless Tetriz or Christmas Bridge Runner

Instruction to play

Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.