Funny Battle Simulator 2

 You will feel a lot of fun and very intense fighting in this game. You will find out how you become a champion? What will you do? You absolutely can win. Do not miss the important positions of this game. Become a general in a huge army. Cavalry and infantry commander. Send soldiers with bombs to battle. See how the bear with the shotgun shoots at the enemy.

Take control of a huge elephant and crush all enemies. Attack enemies with shark racers. Show off your tactical skills. Consider the landscape of the map. Prove that you are the best champion in the world. Massive and spectacular battles. Unique and fun units. Beautiful graphic. The landscape is wonderful. You will feel a lot of techniques in this game. Don't miss the chance to join the Funny Battle Simulator 2 online game. Ready and dedicated for the goals of this game.

Having the ability to fight you will become a powerful general. Use all the tools of the game to unite and control your mighty army. There are many perfect tools to help you discover a lot of new things and an intense battle is about to begin. We will fully experience the meaningful battle. Eye-catching graphics, you will know more like that.

The game will give players more of a truly perfect experience. Would you like to be more like that? Join now for the exciting game and if you love it. Please join some other games similar to Helicopter Escape

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to join this game.