Football Run

Football Run is a fun and challenging football game. However, it’s different from other football games that you have played before. Here, instead of controlling a football player or a team to run on the field and try to score as many goals as possible to win a match and get the champion cup, the gameplay of this game is the same as an endless runner game. Your main objective is to lead your football player to dribble through Podunk Town, Skyscraper City, and The Spirit of Football to the finish line. New game modes will be added soon.

Each game mode has 20 levels, and in each level, you have to dribble to the finish line. The same as other level-based games at sports games, the challenging level increases a little bit as you progress. You have to dribble through several obstacles and deadly traps. You have to jump, run and slide your way to pass every single obstacle safely. If you are blocked by one obstacle or fall into a trap, you have to restart that running journey. While running, you can collect special red balls and coins. Coins are used to unlock new football players in the store.

The more expensive the players, the better they are. And the special red balls are used to respawn. It means if you crash into one obstacle, instead of restarting that level, you can spend 1 red ball to keep running at the latest checkpoint. So, don’t miss any red balls behind. They are so helpful. Watch out every single time you jump. Timing your jump is the key to passing the obstacles and gaps safely. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget that many kizi football games are waiting for you here such as Spider Boy Run and Run Boys

Instruction to play

Mouse or arrow keys.