Big Must Jump

Let's join in an extremely new and interesting game that is Big Must Jump. You are assured that you can completely unleash the game without having to spend any cost. Two squares at the screen are moving towards each other. All you need to do is touch the sides of the screen so they jump over the other square easily. But note that only large blocks can successfully jump over small blocks.

So you need to quickly decide which side of the screen to touch and let it jump. Try not to let two blocks touch each other repeatedly, which will make you feel defeated. The two blocks move very quickly and what you are also had to react very quickly. If you are slow. You can use the game at any time.

Let the squares jump on each other to avoid each other in the best way. Be safe on your way without encountering any difficulties. Let's cross with lots of different squares. The game requires no time. Let's enjoy the relaxing moments. Try to bring yourself a lot of high scores to become the leader of the rankings.

Discover yourself more in the game Big Must Jump. You should remember to share this interesting game with your friends. Have fun with your friends joining right now in the game to train yourself with a reflex skill. Enjoy adding to a few other similar games like Knockdown and Big Pizza Delivery Boy Simulator Game 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to control the block.