Into The Dead Trigger

The zombie apocalypse has begun. Initial exposure to zombies is extremely traumatic, shocking, fearful, distrustful, and can be denied, hindering survivors' ability to cope with hostile encounters. Get ready to join and fight in the online game Into The Dead Trigger. Let's start with the elite soldiers to defend your territory.

At a military base is fighting. What do you think if you suddenly find a zombie is still alive? They were so scared that we no longer wanted to do anything. That makes the fighting spirit scared. Try to escape your fear to continue the chase in this game. You will be able to practice your shooting skills. You can practice your observation skills. Lots of things will get you involved.

Train like a real soldier and get realistic compliance points. Check out all the rooms in the abandoned house. Fear is scary when things get old, dull. Hair-creeping noises. Resilient to be able to survive when participating in this game. Start and experience many new things. Scary but engaging. You will find that everything is a very ordinary experience. You need to create opportunities and do it well.

The game is horrible with vivid graphic design, you will be lost in the dark and scary kingdom. We are going to have a frightening moment. Have fun in the online game Into The Dead Trigger. It's great if you join some other games similar to Shoot To Military Vehicles and Space Invaders Remake

Instruction to play

Mouse 1: Fire weapon Mouse 2: Advanced visibility or blocking

WASD: Move Player Move left: sprint

Ctrl left: bend down

X: prone

Q: tilt left

E: tilt right

Space: jump

F: use the item

R: reload

G: throw a grenade

Esc or Tab: Pause.