Jumping Kangaroo

Kangaroo is looking to go on an adventure and train himself to be the smartest skill in this forest. There are many deadly traps. You can completely confidently experience the tasks ahead. Join now in the game Jumping Kangaroo. Kangaroo needs to move on a river it will have logs to be the only way the kangaroo can jump to keep himself safe on this river.

You need to jump from one log to another. Rest assured that your wisdom will be the only way that you can conquer the challenge. Don't let the kangaroo fall into the river. The thing is really bad. You can't do it on the street with the water ahead. Go to the end of this forest to find yourself safe. Then get an exact high score. You need to tan then click on the log you want the kangaroo to jump under. If you're slow, you won't be able to conquer the task ahead.

So you need to combine a lot of observational skills with a quick pair of hands. Everything will be simple once you get the skill. In this one Kangaroo adventure game. You will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable by the moments it gives you. Jump dynamically and unlock many mysteries in the forest that you don't know yet.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends to participate in this game Jumping Kangaroo so that together they can transform into extremely dynamic Kangaroos and make the most attractive adventure. You can practice your observation skills further in some other similar games like Chess Move 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to control the Kangaroo most accurately.