Mr Noobs vs Stickman

Mr Noobs vs Stickman is an extremely awesome global conflict and strategy game online that actually applies. We are delighted to now start sharing it with you now for free, especially even before we don't think you've ever started playing something like it earlier, and even if you have, the fact that it showcases these pixelated storylines you know and love will only enhance your experience.

Down on the screen, you have access to the troop of Noobs that you can send into battle, every one of whom costs a set range depending on their strength on the battlefield. When you click on one, they begin to appear from the left and move into the trenches right in front of the stickman army.

To get them to sit and attack you must press space. To be successful, determine the ideal times to attack enemy stickmen and make sure to overwhelm one another with even more troops. You can also see how countless points you have viewable to you next to them.

The game does indeed have a combined score of 18 levels, each one have become more difficult as the enemy armies were becoming stronger. Of course, you must continue to focus harder and try to provide your all at all times. You can also purchase a firearm at the bottom of the screen should you have enough money. Wishing!

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Instruction to play

Use the mouse and spacebar.