Knight in Hell

The story is about two people who love each other. They really want to live together forever. However, the girl is imprisoned in the hell of Knight In Hell..., so the boy needs to participate in a life-and-death battle to free his beloved. To save the girl, the boy will have to transform into a brave warrior and rush into hell to fight. Here, the guy only has a single knife as a weapon and attacks the red snake-like ghosts everywhere. As soon as the boy is present in hell, a series of ghosts will appear in large numbers and attack the boy.

Like some action games similar to World Of Fighters: Iron Fists and Kung Fu Sparrow. Knight In Hell will also give you a fierce and dangerous battle. The boy must use all his strength, observation skills and speed of action to destroy all the ghosts in hell. They appear in large numbers and attack continuously making it very difficult for you to destroy. The trick is that you need to continuously click on the screen or mouse to attack continuously. You will have a fixed number of lives in each round. So if you can't avoid the enemies and get hit by them continuously then you will lose your life and the game is over immediately.

Knight In Hell at is an action game and every fight will appear tense and fast paced. Be prepared mentally and after you press the "Play" button, challenges will appear everywhere. Are you ready to show your talent and fighting spirit? Don't forget to invite your friends and loved ones to join this exciting battle.

Instruction to play

You just need to use the mouse or directly touch the phone screen to join this game.