The Smurfs Skate Rush

Get your running shoes ready to tackle this new game of Smurf Skate Rush - Kizi new game with an endless running theme. The highlight of this game will be the funny blue characters that you usually find in the cartoon Smurfs. This game focuses on the work of collecting the berries and dodging the obstacles on the path. The players will need more than basic maneuvering to get through the obstacles, ranging from logs, rocks, and blocks, to moving cars.

Learn the basic control of the skart board and do your best to swerve between the lanes so that your main character can stay on the lane without any collision. Be prepared for randomly pop-up tree stumps and other obstacles. The main work will be to dodge the tree stumps and other obstacles while jumping over the gates. The gained strawberries can be helpful for you to upgrade more skateboard themes, models, and special capabilities for more tough missions!

On the Rankings menu, there will be a tab filled with mini-missions that you need to complete in order to unlock the new Smurfs characters. Add more items to decorate the outfit of your character and turn him into the most eye-catching character among the bunch! From Papa Smurf's red hat, and Handy's pencil, to the heart tattoo, all these special items will be able to transform the look of your character. Find the magic portal to advance to the next level of this online running game!

We have a variety of new skateboards with diverse designs, along with plenty of upgrading themes and achievements to conquer. Skating up the highest ramps or over the stack of logs will be quite the challenge. Do your best to control the skateboard to keep it balanced enough to grind across more games like Imposter Expansion Wars

Instruction to play

Click on the down arrow to slide under the obstacles.